Info Covid-19


Dear guest,

Like so many others, we follow the reporting of Corona and Covid-19 and take measures to minimize the risks of the infection spreading & to ensure a pleasant and safe stay with us. We have reviewed our cleaning routines, increased the availability of soap & rubbing alcohol and reviewed our routines in the event of illness.

We follow the Public Health Agency's recommendations & rules. To minimize the risks of the infection spreading and to ensure a pleasant and safe stay at Ragnerud, we have taken the following measures.

Like home but away

  • You as a guest with us at Ragnerud mainly come in your own caravan, motorhome or rent a cottage. We think that you who come with your own accommodation can 100% control your local environment and thereby feel as safe with us as at home.

  • You who rent a cottage also have a completely delimited area with a terrace and lots of air around you.


  • Most of all camping experiences take place outdoors - which in itself is a great security.

  • Fresh air makes us all feel good!

  • We review all activities so that they follow guidelines and recommendations ang. corona/covid-19

Common buildings & Servicehouse – extra cleaning routines

  • For your safety, we have introduced extra cleaning routines on the entire facility, which means, among other things, that our service houses are closed down for a while daily so that all surfaces can be disinfected.

  • We have increased the availability of soap & rubbing alcohol for our guests, so you can wash your hands often.

  • We will clean more often.

  • We urge everyone who visits us, both guests and staff, to be careful to wash their hands often with soap & warm water. There is plenty of hand soap in all our premises.


After each guest, we have introduced extra cleaning routines

  • We disinfect handles, knobs, flush buttons, switches, etc.

  • In short, all places where you hold or press

  • The toilet is disinfected and clinically cleaned

  • Soap is available in all cottages and rooms, so you can wash your hands often.


We folow the development around covid-19 and restrictions

and will act and adapt our operations in accordance with applicable rules and recommendations. Keeps you updated if new information comes. If you have more questions or concerns, you are of course welcome to contact customer service or 0524/40064


Until further notice, our regular cancellation rules apply. If the authorities come up with new recommendations that will affect your booking with us, we will act on this basis.

New bookings made in the period 17 March 2020 to 30 April 2020 and are prepaid can be rebooked without cancellation and rebooking protection. With the reservation that the price can be changed for rebooking later. This does not apply to cancellations, then ordinary rules apply, where we always recommend cancellation protection.

Until further notice, ordinary cancellation rules apply. Should they receive new recommendations from Swedish authorities that affect booked trips, we will inform about it. If you have become ill, you can, as usual, cancel if you have purchased cancellation protection and have a valid medical certificate. If you want to rebook your stay to another date, we will solve it at no extra cost.