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This is why you feel better in Dalsland, West Sweden

The more time we spend in nature, the better we feel. The world's scientists agree on that. The intense natural environments of Dalsland are therefore absolutely second-to-none for those looking for a real boost to recovery and well-being. Welcome to a place with sensory experiences out of the ordinary!

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It is not without reason that Dalsland is called a "miniature Sweden". When you are in Dalsland, take the opportunity to experience the incredible nature that is found here. Experience Dalsland's magical forests, cosy little roads and water-rich landscapes. It is also a cultural landscape that has many things to see and experience.

Dalsland is the place for the body and mind to relax and enjoy.

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Varied hike with magical forests, hilly terrain and lots of water


Hiking nature lake Dalsland West Sweden
Kayak lake Dalsland West Sweden
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Sweden's water-richest landscape has many places to explore from the water


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Very small roads to get to. Both gravel and asphalt. Get off the main road and look around


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Culture in Dalsland West Sweden
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In Dalsland you will find a lot of culture to see and experience


72 hour cabin in Dalsland West Sweden

72 Hour


Have a relaxing stay in one of the unique glass houses used during the project The 72 Hour Cabin, and let stress and everyday demands be buried deep in the Dalsland wilderness.

The glass houses from The 72 Hour Cabin can be found in three locations:

Henriksholm, Erikson Cottage and Dalsland Activities.

Have you ever wondered why you feel so good in nature? The answer is very simple. You feel good in nature because that's where you belong - really. We humans lived in nature for hundreds of thousands of years, before we recently got around to building cities and living indoors. Our minds are still tuned to a life in nature, which is the main reason why today we feel more stressed than ever.

Kayak Dalsland West Sweden

This versatility means you have a gigantic selection of scenic options to choose from. But just calm down. We have helped you on your way by collecting our ten best tips on what Dalsland has to offer you. Pick and choose!

Forest bathing in Dalsland West Sweden

Dalsland is located in the northern corner of western Sweden, with Norway and Bohuslän as neighbors to the west and Vänern – Sweden's largest lake – to the east. In less than two hours' drive from Gothenburg and Oslo, you are in the middle of relaxing nature. And the best of all is how varied Dalsland's nature is, with everything from mountains and fairytale forests to plains, coast and countless lakes, as well as a rich wildlife. It was probably what prompted Prince Eugen, at the end of the 19th century, to describe Dalsland as a miniature Sweden.

Moose nature forest Dalsland West Sweden

10 TIPS on things to do in DALSLAND

1. Hiking

2. Canoeing

3. Bicycle

5. 72 hour cabin

Dalsland offers a great variety in nature. This gives the hike something out of the ordinary. Closest to us is Kroppefjäll, which is a nature reserve with great variety with hilly terrain, old forest, waterways and lakes. Other popular ones are the Karolinerleden and the Pilgrimsleden.

Dalsland is Sweden's water-richest landscape. There are many small lakes and rivers to explore. With the help of Dalslands Kanal, you can move long distances on the water and you can spend many days exploring a lot of transportation on the water. 

Get away from the big roads and get around nature in Dalsland. There are many small roads with both asphalt and gravel. Choose what suits you and forget about everything and enjoy the forest and the countryside. Take a detour and find your own donut place. 

Traveling on the canal is an adventure and a natural experience beyond the ordinary. The nature is enchanting and you get really close to the wildlife. Several claim that it is Sweden's most beautiful, while others claim that it belongs to Europe's finest. 

Have a relaxing stay in one of the unique glass houses used during the project The 72 Hour Cabin, and let stress and everyday demands be buried deep in the Dalsland wilderness.

An activity center with a wide range of experiences and you will create memories to take home with you. Here you can find a high-altitude track, zipline, elk park, horse riding, shooting simulator, 5-a-side competition, etc. Here they also have a glass house you can live in. 

You will find Not Quite in the small working town of Fengersfors in northeastern Dalsland. Here, a closed paper mill has been transformed into a living cultural center beyond the ordinary. Here you can experience crafts, food, art, music and a fascinating environment.

A spectacular meeting between road, rail and waterway. The aqueduct in Håverud is one of the most visited attractions in Dalslands. Here is a piece of history that should be experienced on site. There is also a museum, food, cafe and accommodation here. 

Here, a grain warehouse has been transformed into a modern and unique hotel. Rooms designed for those looking for an experience when staying. In the restaurant you are offered food, lovely live music and a pleasant atmosphere all year round. During the summer, a cozy cafe is also open with home-baked goods. 

A cozy farm on the other side of Kroppefjäll. Organic raspberries and rhubarb are grown here. On the farm there are small animals for the children, a farm shop with its own products and a café. A cozy excursion for the whole family.

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